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Thermador Appliance Repair

Thermador Appliance RepairWhen the Thermador first opened its doors in the middle of the First World War, no one expected them to become one of the best appliance manufacturers. At that point, the only thing the company sold was electric heaters. Despite hard times and a rapidly changing world, the company managed to thrive, and eventually became a household name. They also started to create appliances. Although Thermador appliances are reliable they do need repairs and service from time to time. If you need Thermador appliance repair services, please give us a call.

One of the reasons the company has managed to do so well when other appliance companies have been forced to close their doors stems from the fact that they’ve made every effort to listen to their customers. Once the company identifies a need, they hit the drawing board and work to create a solution that will make everyone happy. The company has gotten very innovative and many other appliance manufactures have struggled and failed to keep pace. The most famous addition the Thermador takes credit for is the self-cleaning feature everyone loves. They’re also responsible for the development of smooth cooktops and wall ovens. The most recent development the company has come up with is the star burner, a feature that is visually stimulating, and which allows you to cook with more heat than you’ve ever been able to use before.

Things to Remember About Thermador Ovens

When you purchase a Thermador oven, you have every right to expect that you’ll get years and years of use from the appliances. You expectations aren’t the least bit unrealistic. The machines are well made.

Sometimes a person will call a service and request Thermador oven repair, but when the service tech gets to the home and checks out the appliance, they’re unable to find anything wrong with the unit. What has usually happened is that the owner has tried to use one of the oven’s special features without taking the time to learn to use it properly. If your oven has some features that you’ve wanted to try out, but haven’t, take the time to learn to use them properly first. It could save you some embarrassment.

A surprisingly large number of Thermador oven repair relate to machines that have stopped turning on. Sometimes the solution is simple, and is nothing more serious than a power cord that’s somehow gotten pulled free of the wall. Older units should be regularly checked to make sure the cord is in good shape and that the wires haven’t kinked over time.

Unless it’s been a long time (think months) you’re unit shouldn’t produce any odor when you turn it on. If you detect an electrical smell, you shouldn’t even think about continuing to use the unit. Shut it off and contact your Thermador oven repair service and make arrangements for an appointment. Often, the smell means you’ve an electrical short. Continuing to use the unit could prove dangerous. Ignoring an electrical short could turn your oven into a fire hazard.

Thermador Refrigerators

Sometimes the ice maker on your refrigerator won’t make ice and at the same time you’ll notice none of your interior lights want to come on. While this could be a serious problem, most of the time there’s a simple solution. Check and see if your unit has a Holiday feature. If so press the button. The button is designed for people who frequently go out of town and don’t need all of the unit’s features running and burning electricity.

Although they’re not as complicated as some other brands, Thermador refrigerators are a high-end model, and most owners find them to be too complicated for do it yourself appliance repair. It’s generally in your best interest to hire a company that specializes in Thermador refrigerator repair and will be able to do the job quickly and properly.

Although the company isn’t as well known for their refrigerators as they are for their oven’s, a Thermador refrigerator is still a very nice piece of equipment. When cared for properly, there’s no reason why the machine won’t last for twenty years.

The ice makers built into the unit are a common reason for Thermador refrigerator repair. If the ice maker has stopped making ice, the first thing you want to do is check and make sure it’s not clogged. You should also make sure you haven’t accidentally pushed to much food against the ice maker, making it impossible for the feature to work properly. If neither of these possible solutions addresses the problem, you will want to contact a professional with knowledge of Thermador refrigerator repair.

One of the features that the company has included in their refrigerators, and which has given some owners problems is the Holiday button. This feature is designed to help the unit conserve energy if you’re not going to be home for a few days. When it’s been pressed the interior lights won’t light up and the ice maker stops producing ice. Sometimes the button gets bumped by mistake and the owner can’t figure out why their unit, which had just been working perfectly, has started acting up.

Yearly maintenance by a Thermador refrigerator repair specialist is the best way to extend the life of your Thermador appliance, while keeping it energy efficient and eliminating the stress of emergencies.

Choose Your Thermador Repair Service Carefully

Just because a company says they fix appliances, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good choice when you need Thermador appliance repair. The changes that the company makes, especially to their ovens makes it difficult for some repair services to do a good job. It’s in your best interest to look for an appliance service that has staff member who’ve been extensively educated on Thermador appliance repair and who have kept their training.  They will be able to quickly troubleshoot your appliance and to swiftly and accurately make the repairs. This will be a company that’s happy to guarantee their work.

When you request Thermador appliance repair make sure you provide the service with the make and model of your appliances and provide a description of the problem.

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Reviewer: Suzanne Wang –

I called these guys when my Thermador oven stopped working. They were able to get me an appointment according to my busy schedule and showed up on-time with the parts needed to repair my oven. The price for the repair was very reasonable also. I will keep their number in case I ever need their services again.