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Wolf Appliance Repair Services

Wolf Appliance RepairHere at Appliance Repair Pros we’re very proud of the reputation we’ve cultivated for having the best Wolf appliance repair options in the area. You simply won’t get better prices, quality, or faster repairs from anyone else.

If you’re like most Los Angeles residents, you use your Wolf stove several times a week. Not only does preparing your own meal make it easier to stick to eat locally and stick to certain dietary restrictions you’ve placed on yourself, it’s also more economical than eating out every day of the week. Plus, food tastes better when it’s been made on the stove rather than heated up in a microwave.

There was a time when it was possible for owners to handle their own stove repairs. Today, stoves, especially Wolf stoves, have gotten very complicated and fixing them can be huge undertaking. That’s where we come in. We offer the best appliance repair services in Los Angeles.

Our team of repair techs has spent a great deal of time working with the Wolf company and have learned all the ins and outs of this Wolf stove repair. We have made sure that they have all the tools and parts needed to complete a variety of different repair situations, including:

  • faulty range hoods
  • burned out heating elements
  • wiring that needs to be replaced
  • temperature controls that have stopped working properly
  • broken sensors
  • replacing digital displays
  • leaks
  • burners that have started to behave erratically
  • broken auto ignitions

We promise, you won’t regret your decision to have us handle all of your Wolf stove repair needs.

Wolf Oven Repair

The ovens that the Wolf company manufactures are some of the best in the business. They’re incredible. Several of our employees own them.

As marvelous as owning a Wolf oven will be, you should know that having such a complex and high tech unit in your home or place of business also means there’s very little chance of you being able to handle any Wolf oven repair issues that crop up. We don’t even suggest that you try. It’s been our experience that by calling us first, rather than trying to solve to problem by yourself, there will be less chance of the problem getting made worse. Since we will show up at your house or place of business within 24 hours of you contacting us, you will hardly notice that the stove has stopped working perfectly. Before you know it, you’ll once again be cooking elaborate gourmet meals.

The Wolf stove repair calls we deal with most frequently include:

  • ovens that have started sparking
  • fluctuating temperatures and cool spots
  • gas leaks (though the gas company has to shut off the gas before we can work on the stove)
  • self-cleaning features that have stopped working
  • uneven baking
  • malfunctioning broilers
  • failure to heat quickly enough
  • timers and displays that no longer work properly
  • broken doors
  • broken on/switches and temperature dials
  • we replace drip pans
  • explore why the oven light won’t turn on
  • replace faulty wiring


Wolf Range Repair

Like all of the Wolf kitchen appliances, the ranges the company makes are considered some of the finest in the business. They’re also some of the most complicated and high tech.

As soon as you suspect you need there’s even a chance that you need Wolf range repair, you need to stop cooking and contact us. With the range not working properly, all sorts of smoke and harmful toxins will fill your kitchen, and eventually your entire home. The longer you try to cook with a faulty range hood, the longer you put your entire family at risk.

Your counter tops will often provide the very first clue that you need to contact us about Wolf range repair. Every time you gook, they will feel like they’re covered with a thin layer of grease and grit. The length of time you spend cleaning your kitchen will double.

Wolf range repair won’t be the only service we provide that you should consider taking advantage of. In addition to fixing any problem the range has developed, we can also provide yearly maintenance, and we can also be counted on to keep your range perfectly clean.

Who We Serve

One of the reasons we have managed to remain the number one Wolf appliance repair service in Los Angeles has to do with the fact that we haven’t made any attempt to pick and choose particular clients. No matter who you are, or what your appliance repair needs might be, we can help. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Los Angeles property owner, resident, or business owner we promise to treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy. We treat each customer like they’re the best.

Our Team

We take a great deal of pride in the appliance repair team we’ve managed to assemble. Not only do we feel that we have the best team of Wolf appliance repair experts in Los Angeles, we’re confident that they would hold their own against any other team in the country. They’re that good. Each one of our team members has spent a great deal of time examining various Wolf appliances and learning every single nuance. They have obtained their factory certification. They enjoy working on the Wolf products. In addition to repairing your appliances, they will also give the entire unit a once over and check to make sure there aren’t any indicators that you could experience additional trouble in the future.

As much as we love our repair team we fully understand that they’re only as good as the parts they work with. That’s why we have a strict policy to never use cheap, generic parts for any of our repair work. If you have a Wolf appliance and have asked us to do some repair work on in it, you can rest assured that the broken parts we remove will be replaced with brand new Wolf parts.

We’re committed to providing top quality repairs at a reasonable price. If you have any Wolf products that need some work, call us right away. We promise, you will be glad you did.