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Appliance Repair in Encino

Encino is a Los Angeles neighborhood that has done an excellent job attracting residents who are career driven and who enjoy an affluent lifestyle. Currently, there are approximately 27,000 people who call Encino home and need a premier appliance repair Encino company they can trust. Most of the residents are parents who enjoy the fact that their children can get a first-rate education at any of the neighborhoods in Encino. There are approximately three public and eight private schools. A majority of these children will attend college and earn a higher degree after completing high school. Over the years, people such as Johnny Cash, David Hasselhoff, and Lisa Kudrow have called Encino home. Very few Encino residents have time to deal with their own appliance repair issues. The best way for residents to correct whatever appliance problem they’ve encountered will be contacting Appliance Repair Pros and setting up an appointment with their Encino appliance repair service. The quick speed of the repair, as well as the overall quality of both the service and the repair, will please every single person who calls Encino home.

Refrigerator Repair in Encino

Here, at Appliance Repair Pros we schedule a lot of appointments for refrigerator repairs in Encino.  Whenever we get a call from a customer regarding their refrigerator trouble, it’s always a call with a sense of urgency. In addition to the repair costs, there’s always a risk of loosing hundreds of dollars worth of food. That’s why we do whatever we can to send an appliance repair technician the same day, even if it means working in the after hours.

Why Choose Appliance Repair Services?

How much does it cost to repair a refrigerator? We can come out to do the diagnostics and give you the estimate for free (free estimate with repair). If the customer decides to move forward with the repair, we will waive the service call charge, as our service call is always free with repair. Here’s a list of the following type of appliance repair we specialize in for residential and commercial appliance repair:


Microwave Repair

Grabbing last night’s leftovers with the intention of heating them up and eating them for breakfast is nearly impossible to do when you discover that your microwave isn’t working. Rather than pitching your current unit and running out to buy a brand new one, you should call us. We have an outstanding microwave repair services and will be able to get your unit running as good as new. Every single day we resolve all kinds of microwave repair problems, including:

  • Strange noises
  • Machines that no longer cook evenly
  • Turntables that have gotten stuck
  • Broken switches and damaged keypads
  • Burned out lightbulbs
  • Doors that have gotten damaged


Washer Repair

It’s easy to get really mad when you find that you’re washing machine has stopped going. Instead of kicking the washing machine while horrifying images of dragging all your dirty laundry to the Laundromat dance through you head, you should pick up the phone and give us a call. No matter how bad the situation is, we can resolve it. Common washing machine repair problems include:

  • The pump has failed
  • The machine either doesn’t fill with water, or it fills so full that it spills all over the place
  • You can no longer get the temperature correct
  • The washing machine leaks
  • It doesn’t cycle properly
  • The display is flashing strange codes
  • It makes a variety of interesting, but disturbing noises
  • It no longer spins
  • It doesn’t drain
  • It won’t turn on
  • The drum doesn’t work

The sooner you call us, the less dirty laundry will pile up.

Range Hood Repair

If you cook elaborate gourmet meals in your home, you know that you wouldn’t be able to do wo were it not for your range hood. This appliance looks very simple, but when it stops working, you quickly learn to appreciate it. The whole purpose of the range hood is to draw the smoke and odors created by whatever you’re preparing for supper up and out of the house. If the range hood doesn’t exist, all of that smoke would linger in the home until eventually, you would have to give up cooking or move out. The good news is that we have plenty of experts on our staff that have the knowledge needed to fix all brands of range hoods. When you call Appliance Repair Pros and book a same day emergency appointment, we’ll send one of our genius repair techs to your Encino home or business. They diagnosis the problem, provide you with an estimate of the final costs, and then get to work repairing it. They work so quickly, that before you know it, you’re range hood will be working perfectly and you’ll be back to cooking. With Appliance Repair Pros on your side, you won’t have to miss a single meal. Signs that you need our Encino range hood repair services include

  • Temperamental on/off switches
  • The fan has started to make all kinds of noises
  • Smoke is no longer being pulled from the room


Prevent Problems

The best way to avoid problems altogether is contacting us and taking advantage of our appliance maintenance services in Encino. Having us come out once a year and replacing any appliance parts that are showing signs of wear prevent future emergencies and keep your appliances working at peak efficiency.

What to Do when There’s a Problem

The biggest mistake most people make when one of their household appliances makes is ignoring the early signs of trouble. They assume that the fact that their washing machine is making an odd thumping sound or that their refrigerator doesn’t seem to be as cold as normal is nothing more than a fluke that will sort itself out. This never happens. The best thing you can do at the first whiff of a problem is shutting the appliance down and contacting us. We’ll have the problem resolved in no time at all.

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