Appliance Repair in Beverly Hills

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Appliance Repair in Beverly Hills

Refrigerator Repair

Most people know who to call when their refrigerators leak, or stop cooling, or make a funny noise. Beverly Hills citizens have been hiring our company to repair their refrigerators for ten years, and we have fixed tons of cold and heat flow systems in many refrigerators as a result. We take pride in keeping our customers happy, and we offer commercial and residential refrigerator repair for all who want help from the highest quality workers!

Washer Repair

When a Beverly Hills resident discovers a malfunction in the operation of their washing machine of any brand or model, they like to call on us for help getting back to normal. Our technicians are experienced in washer repairs and will not only make sure you get an appointment, they will explain what is needed to get your washer fixed for the last time! We have repaired so many washing machines over the years that we know exactly what we are doing.

Dryer Repair

Dryer repair is something our company has helped neighbors accomplish for the last decade. The experience our technicians have gained fixing dryers for so long has made us the premier appliance repair company in the Beverly Hills area. We know how to make both commercial and residential customers happy. We have strong relationships with our clients and we truly value them.

Dishwasher Repair

When we get a dishwasher repair service call, we promise to get out to our clients’ homes as soon as possible. There’s nothing worse than a mountain of dishes and no time to get them all done! Our service vehicles contain everything our technicians need for making one-stop, full-service repairs, so whether your dishwasher is leaking or has shut down completely, we are your team!

Range/Stove Repair

We have helped so many clients repair their stoves and ranges that we are simply the only company you should call. We have made many, clients happy after fixing their ranges and stovetops. No need to keep you waiting when it’s time to cook. We have left many customers’ homes in time for them to fix dinner, and this makes us proud of our work!

Oven Repair

A large number of customers have trusted our repair teams when their ovens would not turn on or heat up. Because we ensure that all our service technicians have received proper certification and extensive training, we are able to fix these ovens and leave our customers baking before we even step out the door. Call us now if your oven is on the fritz—you won’t be disappointed!

Same Day Local Residential Appliance Repair Service in Beverly Hills

Relying on Appliance Repair Pros is the smart choice for any Beverly Hills resident. This is because we are the experts in town. We are friendly and have quick repairs, not to mention that we’re able to fix all the major appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, stoves, ovens, and many more. Our company is able to answer your questions on appliance repair at any time, and our customer service reps are eager to book your appointment with our expert technicians at the most opportune time for you and your family.

24 Hour Appliance Repair Pro’s

Our expert teams will always arrive right when you schedule them to. No more waiting around all day– putting your schedule on hold for an appliance! Our technicians arrive happy to put your broken appliance back into service if you call (800)991-8036 for Appliance Repair Pros. Our repair technicians are equipped to work on many top brands, including Maytag, GE, Viking, and much more. Not to mention that we have repaired dozens of appliance types, like air conditioners, wine coolers, dryers, freezers, and lots of others. We make it a mission to provide an excellent pricing structure which includes discounts and coupons on our website. Appliance Repair Pros strives to offer affordable prices for top quality work!

Appliance Repair Pros Expert Technicians Specialize In All Brands & Models

We have an amazing deal that other appliance repair places may not be able to offer. We will undercut our competition’s pricing by 10%. Your job is to get an estimate by one of our competitors in the area and then show your technician the written quote. The technician will ensure that your bill is at least 10% less than the competitor. Appliance Repair Pros does not have hidden fees—what you sign when the technician begins his work, is what you pay. On top of this, we only charge for services rendered and parts used. We are able to offer a 5-year warranty plan on all original factory assembled parts. Plus, Appliance Repair Pros doesn’t have hidden mileage fees for driving to your house, and all replacement parts we use are approved by the manufacturer. Calling (800)991-8036 and making an appointment will prove that Appliance Repair Pros is the best repair place for appliances in the Beverly Hills area.

CA Certified Licensed Bonded & Insured Appliance Repair Specialists

Many residences and companies in the Westside area are relying more and more on Appliance Repair Pros as their primary appliance repair company. We promise service on all major brands of appliances at very fair rates, including prompt service and factory replacement parts. Clients love that we don’t do work that they did not approve beforehand by signing the invoice.

Appliance Repair Pros has a highly qualified team under its roof, ready to take your calls and give you tips about appliance problems and repairs. Don’t

hesitate to call us at (800)991-8036 to get answers to your questions or to schedule a technician to come out to your house!

High-End Appliance Repair Service in Beverly Hills, Call Us at (800)991-8036

Appliance Repair Pros has found that clients think it is a waste of time to try to get a repair done on weekends, holidays, or after hours because most places are closed. This is not the case with Appliance Repair Pros! If your appliance is causing damage to your house (like a refrigerator gushing water or a dishwasher that is overflowing repeatedly), we will come out for a repair visit without hesitation. Our teams understand that appliances break down when even on holidays, so they are prepared to get your call anytime. Don’t forget that we don’t charge extra for late night or weekend service calls. We truly understand the need to get things taken care of right away!

Up To 5 Year Warranty For All Major Appliance Repairs

One of the things clients like best about Appliance Repair Pros is that we don’t cause inconvenience with late or missed service calls. When we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there. We never make clients wait for the technicians to come. You are able to plan out your day exactly as you want when you make a service appointment with Appliance Repair Pros because we are always on time. Once you schedule your service call, a technician will be on your doorstep right when he is requested to be there. Call (800)991-8036 to schedule one of our punctual appointments soon! You will not be disappointed.

Best of Beverly Hills Appliance Repair Company, Best of Angie’s List,  A+ BBB Rating Since 1998

Appliance Repair Pros is a perfect fit for any service not only because of their impeccable commitment to customer service, but because of how strong our relationships are with clients in the community. We are a local family owned and operated business, and we’re proud of our long-term business relationship with area families and businesses. Our employees are likewise committed to quality and to maintaining our community ties, and as such will never charge the customer in advance.

We never do a repair until after the customer has authorized it, and our invoices never include fees we have not previously disclosed to the customer. Our business has grown through word-of-mouth reputation and referrals by happy clients, and we aim to keep it this way by continuing to please our customers. Appliance Repair Pros greatly values both new and existing customers, so call (800)991-8036 and you will see for yourself. Your time with our technicians will prove to you what we claim is true, and you will feel as proud as we do of having Appliance Repair Pros do your appliance repair.

Family Owned And Operated Beverly Hills Appliance Repair Service Company

Appliance Repair Pros knows that being a pillar of the Beverly Hills community comes with its own set of responsibilities. We know Beverly Hills is a famous community and that it has a reputation around the world for the most prestigious citizens. We see maintaining the reputation of Beverly Hills as part of our job at Appliance Repair Pros. We are honored and pleased to serve clients of all backgrounds and walks of life. Part of maintaining this reputation is having the highest quality technicians we can find. We will do all we can to please clients, and we don’t have hidden fees or costs.

Our Company Is Your #1 Choice For All Beverly Hills Appliance Repair Services

At the end of the day, the reason you should hire a technician at Appliance Repair Pros for your appliance repair is because we work quickly, efficiently, and with a smile on our faces. We work to eliminate the inconvenience of a downed appliance as quickly as we can. We keep Beverly Hills happy. We also serve areas such as West Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey. We are a one-stop, full-service repair center. The customers we have had the longest feel lucky to have Appliance Repair Pros on their side. Call (800)991-8036 today!

5 out of 5 stars Ratings

Read what customers have to say about Appliance Repair Pros

Reviewer: Paul Steinfeld –
My dishwasher was leaking all over my kitchen floor. I called Appliance Repair Pros and was able to get a appointment for the same day. Alex (The repair man that came to my home) was on time and very professional. He was able to fix the issue with my dishwasher within the hour. Not only did he fix the leak but now it cleans my dishes better than before.