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Ice Maker Repair In Los Angeles

Ice Maker Repair in Los Angeles

While many newer refrigerators have increased the amount of options that they offer, there are still many refrigerators that do not have an automatic ice maker. This is surprising to many people but the reality is that this is not an option that all people feel is necessary & you are speaking to the experts in ice maker repair Los Angeles. However it is important to note that most refrigerators do have this option and there are potential issues that you could face with this machine.  There are many different brands and models when it comes to ice makers but there are only 2 basic formats that they come in. there is the more common built in ice maker that can be found in most refrigerators, and then there is the stand alone type that most hotels utilize.

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Regardless of the design, Appliance Repair Pro’s is trained and ready to handle any and every problem that you could potentially face with an ice maker. It is always a good idea to service your ice maker at regular intervals. Not only will this help add familiarity to your machine but it could also help you find a problem before it becomes a complete nightmare. Manufacturers suggest that any issues with an ice maker should be resolved quickly and they should be handled by qualified technicians. Although there are many individuals who attempt to repair these appliances on there own, the reality is that this appliance can be complex and the repairs are best left to individuals who have been factory trained. Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair only hires the best staff and we have the education and experience to resolve all of your ice maker issues call the ice maker repair experts.

Ice Maker Expert diagnosis

It is often very difficult for homeowners to diagnose the issues that they are having with their ice maker. Fortunately, Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team has the experience to quickly and accurately diagnose any problem that you may have. In some cases the diagnoses will be met with a recommendation that you replace the machine. In other cases, the technician will offer a written estimate and offer to answer any of your questions. Regardless of the issue, we have the know how and the parts to properly repair your ice maker.

Same Day Affordable Appliance Repair

If you have been experiencing sporadic issues with your machine, or if your ice maker has completely stopped working, call Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team and allow us the chance to properly diagnose and service your ice maker. At Appliance Repair Pro’s we are dedicated to offering the best service and the best prices. We understand that your life does not revolve round us and we are proud to offer same day service to all of our customers.

Familiarity with a wide range of  ice maker brands

Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair technicians are the best in the industry. We are known for our honesty and for our reliability. Our technical crew has received the most up to date training and certification in all major brands of ice makers. Some of the more common brands that we see are:

Appliance Repair Pro’s have been in this business long enough that we are never stumped by an issue and we are ready to serve you at a moments notice. While we are proud to respond to all of your residential needs, Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team is also proud to happily serve all of your commercial needs as well. We know that your business is your livelihood. When an ice maker in your business fails to operate properly it could lead to a lose of customers and it could even force you to close your kitchen. Our technicians have the skill to quickly repair your appliances and have your business back in working order very quickly.

Repairs Ice Maker Problems – Big or Small

While our technicians are happy to offer helpful advice and DIY troubleshooting guides, there are still many people that simply do not have the time to attend these seminars. This is why we are different than the other businesses. Our technicians will respond to any problem, regardless of the size, and we will treat every customer the same. Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team has seen every issue that there could ever be with this appliance.

We regularly perform ice maker repair to solve the following issues:

  • Ice maker produces small or hollow cubes
  • Ice maker dispensing problems
  • Ice maker leakage

These problems can be caused by issues that involve many different components in the ice maker such as:

  • Control module
  • Ejector motor
  • Ejector gear
  • Supply line
  • Supply valve
  • Thermostat
  • Water inlet valve
  • Water inlet switch
  • Ice mold heater

In order to offer you the best service possible, it is important that every aspect of the machine be inspected and checked for functionality. Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team is proud of the work we do and we are even happier to offer the best parts in the world. Your machine was not built with junk parts and it should not be repaired with junk parts. this is why Appliance Repair Pro’s only uses factory parts that your ice maker came with. Our parts department is always open and we carry every type of part that your machine may need. This allows us to respond more quickly and to have your repairs done faster. No longer will you be waiting for a part to come on and your technician will not be forced to make excuses for why the repairs have not been completed.

Fast and Efficient Repair

Appliance Repair Pro’s ice maker repair team understands that your home or business relies on the use of the ice maker. And while this appliance is often overlooked and ignored, when failures occur it can lead to serious headaches. We offer 24/7 response to any problem that you could ever have. Our technicians are always available, day or night, even on holidays.

Call us today for all of your repair needs and see the difference that Appliance Repair Pro’s can make for you and your family.

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Reviewer: Bob Sanders –

We lived without an ice maker for a while thinking it was going to be too expensive to repair. I decided to call these guys to give me an estimate. They were able to repair my ice maker for less than I expected. Great service.