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Appliance repair service in Malibu: 90263, 90264, 90265

Malibu is one of the most famous cities in the world, mostly because of the active movie industry. As a result of the glamour of Malibu and Los Angeles, most people seem to think there’s something about living in the city that causes people to stay slim, beautiful, and fit. As a resident of Malibu, you know that’s not the case. Looking great still takes a great deal of work. Besides looking great and feeling great, your appliances should be working great! It’s vital that all your essential appliances, including your commercial appliances, are working as efficiently as possible. You can’t afford for delays, and that is why we cover the Malibu area with great pride.

The good news is that there are several ways that you can stay fit while living in Malibu. Besides staying fit and working out in one of most scenic areas in the world, you can trust your local appliance repair Malibu service company. We cover all major residential appliance repairs as well as the top rated commercial appliances. We work hard, smart, and always on time. Here’s a list of the repairs included in our services for appliance repair Malibu

Refrigerator Repair in Malibu

Is your refrigerator running quietly and efficiently? If not, consider giving us a call! Since we are a reliable company running more than 10 years, a large amount of Malibu citizens select us for the best refrigerator repair. Our skilled servicemen and women have fixed many cold and heat flow systems in Malibu refrigerators. We strongly believe that our clients should continue to be satisfied with our work, and we’ll assist them with any type of refrigerator repair whenever it’s needed! We look forward to having YOU be our next satisfied customer.

Washer Repair in Malibu

When the people of Malibu experience problems with their washing machines, no matter the brand or model, they find our company is the most professional. Our washer repair service team is well trained and can give clear answers about repairs and will book your appointment, ensuring that our repairmen and women fix your washer problems forever. We answer any and all calls from Malibu residents, and have done so for the last ten years.

Dryer Repair in Malibu

For the last decade, we have assisted many Malibu citizens with clothes dryer issues. Every time we do a service call, we learn something new about dryers. Even though our technicians are highly trained, they haven’t necessarily laid hands on and worked with every dryer out there. Our ten years of experience has allowed us to develop a working knowledge of hundreds of models of dryers so that our learning experience is your blessing. Thanks to the people of Malibu, we are the premier dryer repair specialists in the city.

Dishwasher Repair in Malibu

When we get contacted by Malibu residents with pleas for assistance on broken dishwashers, we get out to our customers as soon as we can and as soon as they ask us to be there. We have plenty of highly equipped service vehicles, just ready and waiting to get the job done right on your dishwasher. Your technician won’t have to come back to make adjustments on his dishwasher repair because his truck has everything he needs. The first time should be the right time to get the job done correctly!

Range/Stove Repair in Malibu

The time our teams have put into repairing stove tops and gas ranges gives us the reputation for being the most knowledgeable repair company in Malibu. This is important because you don’t want someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to fix your stove. Our technicians will get your electric stove or gas range up and running as soon as they can. We would rather get you repaired than see you have to needlessly replace a valuable appliance. Our clients are able to get back to cooking by the time the technician leaves their house!

Oven Repair in Malibu

We love to fix ovens because we know how much the citizens of Malibu like to cook! Whether you have an electric oven, a gas oven, a commercial convection oven, or even an infrared oven, our oven repair technicians know the cutting-edge oven technology so that they can fix a broken one in no time. Plus we come in a timely manner, never late, so that you can get back to baking as soon as possible. We love making our Malibu customers happy!

Same Day Local Residential Appliance Repair Service in Malibu

Many Malibu people believe in Appliance Repair Pros for appliance repair services, no matter the time of day. Our workers are friendly and efficient, which allows them to service many appliances such as dryers, washers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, freezers, ice-makers, wine coolers, and many more. Our company is there when you need it or want it, and we will fulfill your questions about appliance repair and what services you might need. More than this, our customer care team, available at the phone number (800)991-8036, is ready to make your appointment with our apprenticed technicians whenever is most convenient for your family.

24 Hour Malibu Appliance Repair Pro’s

Our business sends out highly trained technicians to your house or business, and they come to your door at the specified time ready to fix whichever appliance you have need of being fixed. Appliance Repair Pros is ready to give a high-level quality repair, and you can call us toll-free at (800)991-8036. We only hire specifically trained technicians who have a respected reputation for fast work and have proven they have a lot of knowledge about working with a variety of appliance brands: Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, Viking, and more. Our teams have fixed many air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, dryers, washing machines, wine coolers, dishwashers, microwaves, more even. In addition, we give competitive prices and a lot of coupons and deals on our website. We at Appliance Repair Pros always try to give clients the best prices in exchange for the highest quality repair services!

Appliance Repair Pros Expert Technicians Specialize In All Brands & Models

We are excited to share that one of our best deals is one that cuts the competition down to size. We offer to beat our competitor’s prices by 10%. Simply get a written quote from a competitor on your repair project, show the written document to our service technicians, and they will charge you 10% less than the quote, for the same repair. This is something we do before we even start the repair so that you know the full price before you agree to have a technician fix your appliance. Another great thing about our company is that we don’t have any hidden fees. What you see when you sign the invoice is what you get. Plus, we offer a 5-year warranty on all factory replacement parts. Appliance Repair Pros has even better deals, such as no hidden mileage fees for driving out to your location. Because we’ve had so many positive interactions with the people of Malibu, we know that Appliance Repair Pros is this city’s top choice for appliance repair—so call (800)991-8036 today!

CA Certified Licensed Bonded & Insured Appliance Repair Specialists in Malibu

Many commercial and residential places on the Westside area are starting to believe in Appliance Repair Pros as their primary company for appliance repair. We give services for all poplar companies that make appliances at very low prices, although customers still get replacement parts straight from the factory.

When we come out to you, we will only perform work that you have approved by signing the invoice. You will sign it before we even begin, making sure that you don’t pay for what you don’t want. Appliance Repair Pros has an excellent group of employees, and our ingenuity obtains clients what they want, when they want it. Get your phone ready and input our number, (800)991-8036, so you can get answers and resolve repair issues whenever you might need it, on the go or at home!

Hi-End Appliance Repair Service In Malibu, Call Us at (800)991-8036

Most people don’t like to call for service repairs on weekends and holidays, or even after work, because they don’t like getting message machines or voicemail’s telling them that no one is available. Not so with Appliance Repair Pros. We are available after hours whenever you have a pressing issue with an appliance, the kind that damages your home, such as water leaking or coolant leaking, or any other type of major problem. Plus, we don’t charge extra for these service calls after hours!

Up To 5 Year Warranty For All Major Appliance Repairs In Malibu Area

Our customer care representatives are the best of the best. They are always available! They know that appliances break down at the worst times, and that’s when you need us most. Our repair crews are also standing by, ready to correct any leaks in faulty refrigerators or fussy dishwashers. Yes, we know that these things can happen on weekends, or even the middle of holiday celebrations.

Because our customers are our number one priority, we are available and will come out to your location and fix the problem. Call (800)991-8036 any time you need after hours help!

Best Of Malibu Appliance Repair Company, Best Of Angie’s List,  A+ BBB Rating Since 1998

We have become a pillar of the Malibu community. This has only been possible because of wonderful referrals by our satisfied customers. And they do this because of our impeccable integrity at invoice time. You sign the invoice before service is rendered so that you can feel comfortable knowing no extra fees or hidden fees will pop up later. We mention this because this part of our business is what keeps people coming back. Call us at (800)991-8036 to see for yourself!

We have strong business relationships with business leaders and household leaders alike all over the city because of our reliability and low prices. We love being able to offer this to our customers, both new and repeat. You can tell by now that customer service is one of our absolute top priorities, so give us a try soon!

Family Owned And Operated Malibu Appliance Repair Service Company Appliance Repair Pros is not just a big name in appliance repair in the community. We recognize that we are part of a larger community around the world, and upholding the general reputation of our city abroad is as important as upholding our own reputation. We know that Malibu and the surrounding areas are world-famous and sought out as tourist and residential places of interest. Therefore we want our readers to know we respect all types of backgrounds and lifestyles. We revere all who live in our city, and all who come to reside here too.

You’ll see that our respect for all people shows in all parts of our business—very well-trained crews, sociable customer service staff, low prices, and no hidden fees.

Our Company Is Your #1 Choice For All Malibu Appliance Repair Services

Our business exists to meet all the needs of our customers at all times. We try to remove the inconvenience of malfunctioning appliances by keeping them running at all times, holidays, weekdays, or weekends too. We provide service in Malibu but also in surrounding areas like West Hollywood, Century City, Culver City, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey. We are a full service company, available at (800)991-8036

Call Our Appliance Repair Malibu Office Today!

Malibu has so many great locations and parks. You can get out of the house and get moving, and unlike other parts of the world, you never have to worry about the weather. Besides the amazing weather Malibu has to offer, the appliance repair technicians are all top notched. Our team of appliance repair professionals are all certified and provide quality repair you’ll be proud of. Even when it rains, being outdoors isn’t horrible. Whenever possible you should take advantage of biking to work, going on long beach walks, take advantage of the great Malibu beaches and go swimming.  There’s also hiking and horseback riding in the beautiful scenic parks. When you’re not out and about enjoying our beautiful neighborhood, call our local office and schedule a service call for your appliance repair Malibu request.

Make Smart Food Choices

There’s no reason that you need to go to a fast food restaurant five or six days out of the week. You can make healthy food choices. All you need is some good household appliances and you’ll be able to prepare your own meals. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good steak and a glass of wine a few nights a week at a beautiful restaurant; you need to make sure you supplement it with plenty of good vegetables. Even if you live in an apartment, you should be able to grow some of your own herbs which can be used to improve the flavor of your food and allowing you to reduce the amount of butter and salt you use. But we are not here to discuss health habits, we are here to repair all your important appliances.

Making healthy food choices will be a bit easier if you keep your household appliances in good condition. We offer a maintenance plan and provide helpful tips to help our customers take care of their appliances when we are not around.

Contact Appliance Repair Pros at least once a year and have us come and examine all of your appliances. Not only will we be able to make small repairs that could have created huge problems down the road, but we’ll also be able to make sure your appliances remain energy efficient.

In addition to helping Malibu homeowners with their appliances, we also handle all kinds of commercial appliance repairs, which include:

We take pride in being a local Malibu appliance repair business with a long history. We have faithfully been serving the Malibu community. We hire educated, experienced appliance repair technicians who have the ability to quickly and accurately fix all appliance problems. We only  use the best parts, making it possible for us to guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

Give us a call today and talk to one of our live customer service reps about our appliance repair Malibu services.