Appliance Repair in Thousand Oaks

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Appliance Repair in Thousand Oaks

Purchasing a new house in Thousand Oaks after years of renting is both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. On one hand you’re now the proud owner of a house that’s in a really nice part of the state. On the other hand, you’re going to have to sit down and figure out a new budget that accounts for mortgage payments and property taxes. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re the one who will be responsible for repairing your appliances, and not your land lord.

We urge you to come to Appliance Repair Pros with all your appliances repair needs.

We’ve been in business a long time and take great pride in the fact that we’ve always stuck to ethical business practices. Not only do we provide great service and use top quality parts in all our repairs, we also honor our estimates. When you use Appliance Repair Pros, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of a hidden fee showing up on your final invoice.

It doesn’t take long before you start to rely on your household appliances. When one of them stops working properly, you’ll feel lost, how are you supposed to get through the day without using it, and just a little panicked. You need to contact us. Giving us a call will help you feel better. Just speaking to our live customer service rep will help you realize that the problem isn’t quite as serious as it first seemed and that you can get through the situation.

One call and you’ll know you’re in good hands!

One of the great things about calling us to handle a problem you’ve encountered with one of your appliances is that you’ll also get a bit of an education. In addition to checking things out and making sure there aren’t signs that a part will break in a few  years, our professional will also instruct you on little things you can do to care for your appliance which will keep it running efficiently and decrease the number of emergencies you experience.

There’s no extra charge for the extra information!

There really isn’t a residential or commercial appliance that we can’t repair or maintain. Every day we handle problems that involve:

  • Cooktops
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ovens
  • Vent hoods
  • Water heaters
  • Ice makers
  • Ranges
  • Stoves

We want you to be confident with your decision to have Appliance Repair Pros to come to your home or place of business in Thousand Oaks and take care of whatever problem your appliances have thrown at you. When you contact us, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right decision. Every single repair tech we send to your Thousand Oaks home has a great deal of training and experience. They’re armed with high quality parts. We’re so proud of the work we do, that we proudly guarantee your satisfaction.

Our customer service line is open and all calls get handled by a live person so give us a call. The sooner you call, the sooner we can repair your appliances and reestablish normalcy to your life.