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Marvel Appliance Repair in Los Angeles

marvel-classic-logoAnyone who enjoys high quality, beautifully handcrafted, American made appliances falls in love with Marvel appliances. Not only do the appliances look amazing, they’re also equipped with a variety of signature features owners adore. Marvel appliances can be found in a homes and business throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Marvel appliances repair services we offer include:

  • Marvel Refrigerator/Freezer Units
  • Marvel Built in Refrigerators
  • Marvel Outdoor Refrigerators
  • Marvel Professional Series
  • Marvel Wine Cellars
  • Marvel Under counter Units
  • Marvel Beer Dispensers
  • Marvel Ice Makers

Common Marvel Appliance Repair Problems

The way that you use your Marvel refrigerator, the conditions it’s in, and the exact model. The most common problems we’ve encountered during our years of service include:

  • Magnetic door seals that need to be replaced
  • Ice makers that are either clogged or leaking
  • An overabundance of condensation
  • Units that are working too hard
  • Wiring that needs to be replaced
  • Excessive power usage
  • Broken interior lights
  • Power cords that need to be replaced
  • Broken motor
  • Broken evaporator coil

The first thing you need to do when you have refrigerator repair problems is contacting us. No matter how large or small your repair needs might be, we promise to resolve them in a timely and accurate manner

The Key to Identifying Problems Early

When you first get a new Marvel appliance, spend some time getting to know it. Familiarize yourself with exactly how it sounds and runs while it’s in good working order. The better you get to know your Marvel refrigeration unit now, the quicker you’ll be to spot little things that indicate a part is starting to wear out. You’ll be able to contact us right away and we’ll be able to swiftly replace the damaged or worn part before other things start to go wrong.

Troubleshooting your Marvel Appliances

When you first realize your Marvel refrigerator or freezer isn’t working properly, the first thing you should do is give it a quick, but thorough, examination. Make sure that the power cord is tightly plugged in, that none of the circuits in your home have been tripped, and that the door was tightly closed. If everything looks good to you and you haven’t identified a simple reason for the unit not working, pick up the phone and contact us. You can book an appointment at a time that works best for you and our most qualified Marvel repair tech will show up on time with all the tools and parts needed to complete the project in a single appointment. They’ll examine your Marvel appliance, make a diagnosis, and based on what they find, provide you with an estimate. Once you’ve been issued an estimate, we stick by it. We never add hidden fees to the final invoice!

Should You Bother with Marvel Appliance Repair?

As a society, we’ve developed the mentality that when something stops working, it should be thrown away and replaced with a brand new version. While there might be some instances when this is a good plan, we don’t think it’s an attitude that should be applied to household and commercial appliances. It has been our experience that more often than not, our Marvel repairs can quickly and accurately rectify whatever problem you have encountered, making it possible for you to save yourself the hassle and expense of purchasing something brand new. You’ll love how stress free we’ve made Marvel appliance repair.

When you utilize our Marvel appliance repair services, you’ll enjoy:

  • A live person on the other end of the call, no matter what time of the day or night it is
  • Same day, emergency service
  • The acceptance of all major credit cards
  • VIP treatment, no matter who you are
  • A stress free experience
  • Appointments booked at a time that works best for you
  • 24/7 repairs
  • A trustworthy estimate

Are Marvel Repairs Something You Can do by Yourself?

When you realize your Marvel under counter refrigerator isn’t working, it’s natural to consider handling the repair work by yourself. The problem that many people encounter once they start tinkering with their Marvel appliance is that all of those special features that made them fall in love with the unit in the first place, also make repairing the unit considerably more difficult. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been called out to handle what would have been a simple repair had the owner not made the matters worse when they tried to fix the unit themselves. Unless you have previous experience with refrigeration repair, it’s best to leave the Marvel appliance repairs to the professionals. Contacting us will save you time and aggravation.

The best time to inquire about our Marvel appliance repair services isn’t when one of your appliances has completely stopped working. The ideal time to have one of our professional service specialists come to your home or business is when you first notice that your fridge isn’t as cold as it normally is, or water has started to pool at the bottom of your dishwasher, or your dryer starts emitting a peculiar whining sound. Touching base with us and making arrangements to have your appliances troubleshot right away means the amount of repair work that needs to be done will be minimal. The longer you continue to use the appliance without getting it checked out, the greater the damage will be.

If you’re confident that you can handle the Marvel repairs on your own, make sure you use high quality replacement parts that have been designed by Marvel.

Commercial Appliance Repair for Marvel Appliances

Most of the Marvel appliances we encounter are located in people’s homes and apartments, but every once in a while we’ll get a call from a business owner that use a Marvel appliance and would like to have some repair work done on it, which we love. When you contact us about our commercial Marvel appliance repair, you’ll find that we work quickly, effectively, and don’t disrupt your employees or customers. You’ll barely know we’re there. Best of all, once the appointment is done, your Marvel appliance will run smoothly.

Residential Marvel Appliance Repairs

The great thing about living in Orange County, Los Angeles, or Long Beach is that you’re free to contact us anytime you have a problem with your Marvel appliance. We love working with residents. Since you’re busy, we work around your schedule rather than expecting you to sit around all day waiting for someone to show up and start working on your appliance. Another thing that sets us apart from the competition is that our techs show up with a truck that’s fully stocked with all the tools and parts needed to work on Marvel appliances.

Our Marvel repair specialists are:

  • Trained and fully qualified to work on all Marvel appliances
  • Always behave professionally
  • Very experienced
  • Up for any challenge
  • Ready and willing to answer any questions you have

While they’re working on your faulty Marvel appliance, the tech will keep their eyes peeled for indicators that something else might be about to go wrong and will alert you to the situation.
Feel free to ask our American Range expert questions about how you can better care for your Marvel appliances and prevent future problems.

Property Managers, Give us a Call

We work with several property managers in the area and know exactly how much time and effort they put into making sure the needs of their tenants are met. We’re happy to help by handling all the property managers Marvel appliance repair issues. When a property manager contact us, they take comfort in knowing that they’ll get a good deal on the repairs, that the repairs will be the highest quality, and that we won’t disturb their tenants.

You’ll Love Our Marvel Appliance Repair Services!

We very proud of the of the fact that not only are we the best appliance repair service in the Los Angeles area, but that we’re also certified to work on all Marvel appliances. We’ve worked hard to put together a team of Marvel repair experts that are both factory certified and very experienced. The combination of training, experience and certified Marvel parts makes it possible for us to guarantee each and every repair we handle.

You’ll adore our professional behavior which starts when we first take your call and never ends. Within minutes of first making contact with us, you’ll understand why we’re the only Marvel appliance repair company recommended by your friends and family.

You simply won’t find a Marvel appliance repair service that’s better suited to handle your repair needs. Our reliability, reasonable rates, attention to customer service, and the quality of our work creates a stress free appliance repair service call.

We don’t think appliance repair should be stressful which is why we offer same day emergency repair, do all repairs on site, and book all appointments at a time that’s convenient for you. Our attention to customer service has made us the number one appliance repair service for Marvel appliances in the Los Angeles area.

Call us today!