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Dryer Repair in Los Angeles

There are some parts of the world where a broken dryer doesn’t make a huge impact on a person’s life, they just hang their wet laundry out on the line and let the sun and wind do all the work. Technically, in L.A. this might be possible, but considering all the air pollution hanging laundry out to dry just doesn’t make much sense. It wouldn’t feel very clean by the time you brought it in. Plus, most of us simply don’t have a big enough backyard to hang out our clothing and draping it over a balcony railing is tacky.

Another option you have when you suddenly find yourself without a dryer will be gathering up all your laundry and hauling it to the laundry mat. This can be an effective way of drying your clothing, but it has its own challenges. Not only will going to the laundry mat take a considerable chunk of time, but by the time you consider the number of quarters you have to feed into the machine and the cost of gas to get back and forth across town, the experience can be quite expensive.

Some people decide to purchase a brand new dryer rather than investing in dryer repair services. While this might be a reasonable solution in some cases, it shouldn’t be your first choice. Getting your dryer fixed could actually save you quite a bit of money, especially if you’re appliance is less than twelve years old. When you choose a good dryer repair services in the Los Angeles area, the life of your appliance can be extended for several years, especially if you’re good about staying on top of maintenance.

Signs You Need Dryer Repair in Los Angeles

Learning to pay attention to what your dryer sounds like and how your clothing feels when it comes out of the machine, you’ll quickly recognize signs that it’s time to contact appliance repair services. about their dryer repair services. By quickly recognizing the signs of trouble, you’ll reduce the amount of damage done to the appliance.

  • Thumping sounds generally mean a new drum belt will be needed
  • Wobbling unit means it needs to be re-balanced
  • The sensors aren’t responding automatically
  • Clothes that feel hot but are a long way from being dry means a problem with the dryer ventilation
  • The door refuses to close properly
  • A burning or electrical smell emanating from the machine
  • Clothes come out of the dryer feeling really hot and very wrinkled

If you notice any of these problems, the first thing you need to do is stop using the unit. Continued use will only damage the appliance further and might even make dryer repair impossible. The best thing you can do is decide if you want to fix the problem yourself, or if you should contact us about our dryer repair services.

Repairing your Dryer on Your Own

The nice thing about dryers is that unlike many other common appliances like refrigerators is that they’re still pretty basic in their design and function. They don’t have lots of special features that make do-it-yourself appliance repair impossible. It’s still possible to do to the work yourself.

If you decide to handle your dryer repair yourself, we do have some advice.

The first thing we urge is to be confident that you know the exact problem the machine has developed. Take some time and review dryer troubleshooting. Once you’ve identified the issue, you’ll be ready to take the steps needed to fix the situation with appliance repair Los Angeles.

Don’t make the mistake of using low-quality replacement parts. The parts needed to complete the project can be expensive, saving a few bucks on a generic part can be very appealing, but we urge you to reconsider. One of the things we’ve learned after years of providing dryer repair services is that the repair will only be as good as the parts used. If you use cheap, low-quality replacement parts, you’re going to find yourself encountering the same problem over and over again.

In the long run, the cheap parts will cost you a great deal of money.

If you decide to tackle your dryer repair needs on your own, you should know that while repairing the unit isn’t always difficult, getting to the problem area can be tricky. In most cases dissembling the machine can be very difficult.  You will have to invest in some special tools to get the job done.

Check the Vents

The most common reason for many dryer problems has nothing to do with the actual machine and everything to do with the ventilation system. The way you’ve vented the appliance is very important. A single problem such as a kink, leak, or blockage can cause all kinds of problems. Before disassembling your unit and searching for a mechanical explanation for the problems you’ve been experiencing, you should take a look at the vent.

What You Can Expect From Us

If you decide you don’t want to fix your dryer yourself and would rather leave it in the hands of a professional, we urge you to contact us about our dryer repair services. You won’t be disappointed. Not only do we always use the parts that have been approved by the manufacture of your unit during the repair job, but every dryer tech on our repair team has a great deal of experience and gotten all kinds of factory certification. When you call us, we’ll send the professional best suited to work on your make and model.

We Work on All Dryers, Home and Commercial, Gas and Electric

When it comes to our dryer repair services, there’s not a job to large or too small for us. We’re qualified to repair both commercial and residential dryers. We treat every single one of our clients with a great deal of respect. We’ll never cancel an appointment simply because we got a call from a different client.

The sooner you contact us about our dryer repair services, the sooner you’ll be able to take advantage of our same day appliance repair and go back to enjoying warm, dry clothing.

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Reviewer: Dan Stevens –

I called this company after getting an outrageous quote from another appliance repair company. Not only did these guys properly diagnose my dryer, thier qoute was less than half of the other companies quote. My dryer now works like new.