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Los Angeles Appliance Repair Services

We’re thrilled that we’re the first appliance repair service Los Angeles residents and business owners thing of when they have a leaking washing machine, a noisy dryer, or a melting freezer. When it comes to appliances, there’s not a project that’s too big, or too small for us to handle. You’ll be thrilled by how quickly one of our highly skilled appliance repair technicians appears on your doorstep after you’ve contacted us. No matter what issue you’ve developed, we’re an appliance repair service in Los Angeles that’s has the tools and experience needed to rectify it.  In addition to handling whatever repair challenge life has thrown your way we’re also have the resources needed to provide you with top quality maintenance as well. Call us today, you’ll be glad you did!

What We Provide

We’re proud to call ourselves the number one appliance repair service in Los Angeles. We’ve worked hard to achieve the lofty ranking. We reached it by keeping our prices reasonable, holding ourselves to a high standard of quality, and making sure each customer who contacts us receives outstanding customer service. Now that we’ve established ourselves as the best appliance repair service in the region, we have no intention of changing the way we do business.

We Repair All Major Appliances!

Unlike some of our competitors who only repair a few brands or a specific type of appliance, we do it all. Every single day, we repair:

Brands we love working on include:

Stove Repair

We’re very proud of our ability to offer residents and business managers stove repair that’s both high quality and affordably priced. We have a fantastic team of stove repair experts who have the experience and factory training needed to get all brands and types of stoves working again. During each stove repair we only use replacement parts that have been certified by the manufacture and always take the time to make sure that they’ve been properly installed. The speed and quality of our stove repair services means you don’t have to worry about missing a single home cooked meal. Call us today!

Dishwasher Repair

No matter how good your dishwasher is and how well you’ve taken care of it, the day will come when you encounter a problem with your dishwasher and need to get it repaired. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our dishwasher repair services, which are the best. Book an appointment at your own convenience and enjoy on site repair. We handle both residential and commercial dishwasher repair and also love working with local property managers. You’ll love how simple we’ve made dishwasher repair!

Dryer Repair

The key to successful dryer repair is experience, and we have that in spades. No matter what make or model dryer you have, whether or not it’s a commercial or residential dryer, we have the experience and tools needed to repair it and get it running again. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor problem, such as a clogged vent or something bigger, like a burned out motor, we’re ready and willing to help!

Washing Machine Repair

When you find yourself in need of washing machine repair, your best course of action is contacting us right away. We take pride in being able to accurately repair all makes and models of washing machines found in the Los Angeles area. In addition to having a team of highly trained repair specialists on staff, we also make sure we only use factory certified replacement parts.

When it comes to washing machine repair, we have just one goal: making sure you enjoy a stress free experience. To make sure this happens we provide same day, emergency service so your laundry doesn’t pile up into an intimidating mountain. We also provide onsite repairs.

What to Expect When you Call Us

As soon as you call us, you’ll realize just how well trained our staff really is. From the very first phone call to the moment our service technicians says good bye, you’ll be dealing with people who know everything about appliance maintenance and repair. Sometimes the person who first takes your call might even be able to troubleshoot your appliance and talk you through the repair process.

If the matter can’t be easily resolve, an appointment will be made, at a time that works well for you. The Los Angeles appliance repair tech that is sent to your home or business will be the most qualified member of our team. They will work quickly and effectively and complete the repair work in a single appointment. You won’t believe how easy and stress free we’ve made the entire process.

Why We’re the Best!

We’ve been providing top quality Los Angeles appliance repair for a very long time and are very proud of everything we’ve accomplished. Our proudest accomplishment is the relationship we’ve established with our customers. When you seek our help with a Los Angeles appliance repair problem, you can expect:

  • Same day service, even if it’s a major holiday
  • 24/7 appliance repair
  • VIP treatment
  • The acceptance of all major credit cards

Trust Us to Keep Your Appliance Running Smoothly

The best way to make sure you never need to take advantage of our emergency Los Angeles appliance repair is by having us handle all the maintenance needs of your appliances. At least once a year you should have us come to your home or place of business and check out all of your appliances. We’ll make sure they’re working properly and replace any parts that show signs of wear. Not only will our maintenance services decrease the odds of your having an appliance repair emergency, they’ll also keep your appliances running smoothly, which helps keep your utility bills low.

Call us today!