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Full Service Scotsman Appliances Service and Repair

Scotsman Appliance RepairLocated in the quiet community of Vernon Hills, Il, Scotsman Ice Systems does an excellent job manufacturing ice machines where are distributed to businesses and homes all over the country. The machines bearing the Scotsman name have a reputation for being highly efficient, very easily maintained, and extremely reliable.

Scotsman Ice Machines

Over the years, Scotsman has developed quite a reputation for creating high quality, durable, innovative ice makers. Their current line of ice making machines includes:

  • Ice Cubers
  • Ice Flakers
  • Ice Nuggets
  • Bins
  • Dispensers
  • Ice Filtration Devices

As wonderfully built as the Scotsman ice making products are, they’re not infallible. There are going to be times when things don’t work properly. When that happends, call us and ask about our Scotsman ice machine repair services.

Scotsman Appliance Repair Problems

A common problem our Scotsman appliance repair team encounters is a unit that has an auger motor that turns despite the fact the compressor failed to start. As a result, no ice is produced. When this happens we careful examine the machine for shorts, scale build-up, and tripped circuits. Leaks can also lead to this particular problem. Once we’ve isolated the reason the compressor has failed to start, we’ll handle the repair so you can once again enjoy freshly made ice.

When the temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s likely your Scotsman ice maker will stop making ice. A simple solution is raising the temperature in the room. If the room is warmer the machine still isn’t producing ice, call us. The problem could be a blocked air filter or condenser. A broken water valve can also trigger this particular problem.

An overabundance of ice general indicates that the thermistor needs to be replaced. Leaks are probably the main reason we get Scotsman appliance repair service calls. There are several reasons the ice maker might be leaking, including parts that are either badly worn or that have broken. Lose seals and punctured tubing can also trigger a leak. We have also find that extracting dirt and scale build up from the unit often stops it from leaking.

A little noise is to be expected, even when the ice maker is working properly, but if the machine is making more noise than normal, the problem could be that the evaporator needs to be cleaned or that it’s time to replace the pump. Additional issues that can cause the machine to make strange noises include dry motor bearings, faulty motor, blocked cutter grid.

Immediate Scotsman Appliance Repair

We have never felt it was fair that any resident or business manager who’s experiencing problems with their Scotsman appliances should be forced to wait to have work done on the unit.

When you contact us about our appliance repair services, you’ll be delighted to discover that we make restoring your appliances to their proper working order our top priority. We’ll have your favorite appliance up and running almost before you’ve really started to miss it! Should You Replace Your Appliance or Invest in Scotsman Appliance Repair Whether or not you should replace or repair one of your appliances is a decision only you can make. There are several things such as the age of the appliance and its overall condition that need to be considered. What we can say is that it has been our experience that in most cases, the quality of the repairs that we perform and the low cost of our rates generally makes repairs the most economical option. The best way to determine if you should invest in Scotsman appliance repair is contacting us and getting an estimate. The estimate is free and you are under no obligation to follow through with any repairs. You can trust the estimate you’re given. It covers the total cost of the repairs needed on your Scotsman appliance.

When to Contact Us about Our Scotsman Appliance Repair Services

The best time to contact us is when you first notice that your appliance isn’t behaving in the manner you’re accustomed to. You should not continue to use the appliance and hope that the matter resolves itself. The only thing continued use does is increase the amount of repair work we’ll eventually have to do.

When you contact us about Scotsman appliance repair, you’re availing yourself to one of the most experienced teams of appliance Scotsman repair experts. Not only does our team have a great deal of experience, but they have also taken the steps needed to become factory certified. Between the professionalism of our staff and the high quality parts and tools used during every single repair, we have no reservations about guaranteeing the work that we do.