LG Washer Maintenance Tips

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LG Washer Maintenance Tips

Though you may get some great ideas from friends and family about how to keep your appliances going as long as possible it is important that you take some time to read these LG washer maintenance tips. The people around you may or may not know all there is to know about washing machines. Hopefully, if you have already followed some of their advice, they have been right about the effects on your washing machine. But if you are looking for more help on how you should be taking care off your washer write down the following LG washer maintenance tips and practice them.

Keep your Washer Clean

Just like with other appliances and items in your home, a great way to make sure your washer is working how it should is to keep it clean. You may think it seems silly to have to clean the inside of a washing machine as it is meant to wash your clothes but think about all of the dirty clothes you put into your machine each week. While the soap and water wash away the dirt and grime from your clothes, the soap itself can leave build up in your wash basin. Think about how you need to clean your shower of soap scum. The washing machine ends up with a similar problem.

Thankfully there are washing machine cleaners on the market that will get rid of the build up and keeps your washer smelling clean. On that note, you can’t mention LG washer maintenance tips and keeping your washer clean without a reminder that the fabric softener dispenser needs maintenance as well. The dispenser can become clogged up with softener build up when used with every wash. But the tip for this is to use hot water and a cloth to clean out the dispenser and it will look good as new.

Check your Hoses

The list of LG washer maintenance tips wouldn’t be complete without talking about an important part of washing machine maintenance. No matter how often you do laundry, you must be sure to take a look at the washing machine hoses at least once a month. Any size crack or leak in a washer hose can cause damage to your home and items in your home if the hoses were to burst unexpectedly. Water damage can be very expensive, but there are preventative measures you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The first thing you can do is to replace your hoses with stainless steel. They are a better option not only because they are less likely to leak, but they are simply better quality than other washing machine hoses. If that isn’t enough to keep you from worrying about a hose bursting, then consider installing a water shut off the system. They are quick to install and can sense if there is a malfunction and turn off the water at the source to prevent water from causing a major issue in your laundry room and the rest of your home. Hopefully, these LG washer maintenance tips were helpful to the many owners of LG washing machines.

We hope these tips helped solve some of the problems you may be having with your LG washer. If you feel that you need professional washer repair services, call us at (310) 697-8752 and we’ll come out and fix your washer right away!