Refrigerator Efficiency Tips

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Refrigerator Efficiency Tips

Using less energy is a concern for many people but the reason that many people are looking to save energy almost always has to with money. If you are tired of those high-energy bills, consider some of these tips to help your refrigerator run efficiently and save money in the process. These tips are easy to do and easy on your checkbook, they will also prevent the need for refrigerator repair services.

 Amana Refrigerator Maintenance

Below we have listed some tips to help keep your fridge working like new

1. Pull Out the Refrigerator and Vacuum:

Though you may like the fact that the floor under and behind the refrigerator is one place where you don’t have to worry about vacuuming, you may change your mind when you see what is hiding back there. Everyone, especially pet owners, should take the time to clean this area because a lot of dirt and other debris can become trapped and get stuck in the condenser coils. After they are cleaned, the heat can be taken away much easier which means that the refrigerator will not have to run for as long and will use less energy.

2. Make Sure the Door is Sealing Properly:

A great way to determine if the door seal is working properly is to use a piece of paper that is relatively thin to check for air coming out of the door. When you hold the paper up to the door when it is closed, watch to see if any air coming out is moving the paper. If you have a leak, the solution is to simply replace the seal. This is an easy fix and is much cheaper than continuing to pay to cool a refrigerator that is sending cool air out into your kitchen.

3. Keep Your Food Covered:

Almost all food that you keep in a refrigerator contains some amount of moisture. To make sure that your food doesn’t dry out or absorb flavors from other foods be sure to cover everything before you put it into the fridge. The more moisture in the air in your fridge the harder your compressor will have to work to remove it. Covering food keeps moisture and smells where they belong.

4. Cool Food Beforehand:

There are many people who have made the mistake of putting food away in the fridge before it has cooled properly. No one wants to sit around and watch soup or any other type of food cool, you have better things to do. If you can, let it cool to the point that it is no longer hot, but not so cool that it may start growing bacteria. When you do it this way, your fridge won’t have to work extra hard to cool it down to the right temperature.

5. Use Water to Fill the Empty Space:

Water bottles or other containers filled with water are a great way to fill up an empty fridge. Since it is helpful to keep a refrigerator as full as possible to keep the air cool, containers full of water will keep the empty spaces cold and reduce the need for the appliance to constantly cool itself.