Replacing an Oven Gasket

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Replacing an Oven Gasket

Oven repairs are not always the kind of repairs that homeowners want to take on themselves. Many people turn to the experts when their gas stoves are out of order or working improperly. But while some problems should be left to the experts, there is at least one oven repair that you can do on your own. Replacing a gasket is a three-step process that should be easy enough for anyone to do without the help of a repair man. There are exceptions to this rule. Keep reading to find out if your gasket needs the expertise of a professional or if you can do the job yourself.


One of the most common issues that people have with ovens is that it is not heating correctly. For some, the problem is that the proper temperature is never reached within the oven. Another common issue is that although the oven is heating, it is very uneven which means that there are hot-spots in the oven along with spots that never get warm enough. The cause of both of these problems could be a door gasket that needs to be replaced.

If you are not sure that this is the issue but want to find out there is a simple test you can do. Turn your oven onto a temperature that gives off plenty of heat. After the oven is heated to proper temperature, take your hand and move it around the outside of the oven door, without touching it. If heat is escaping, you should be able to feel it coming out of the oven. The escaping heat means that the old gasket does need to be replaced with new one made specifically for your range.

Many brands of ovens are designed so that the gasket is attached to the oven frame so that the door will close against it. These are the type of gaskets that can most easily be replaced as they are friction-fit. Other types of ovens have a different type of gasket. In these alternate ovens, there is no gasket mounted on the frame of the door. The gasket can be found between the back and front sections of the oven door. While you may be tempted to try to replace this type of gasket, it is recommended that you let a professional handle this job.

Follow these simple instructions when replacing a frame-mounted gasket:

Step 1: Take out the old gasket from the channel. If you have an oven door frame where the gasket is held down with screws, make sure to remove them first. You may have to move the exposed edge of the gasket in order to get to the screws to remove them.

Step 2: Use a simple cleaning solution of mild detergent and water to get the door frame and channel clean.

Step 3: Begin to install the replacement gasket at the top and go down each side, taking care around the corners. You will finish at the bottom so that the two end of the gasket come together.

If you have trouble or need help with this project, feel free to call.