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Simple LG Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Dishwashers have been making life easier on their owners for years now. But they have definitely come a long way from how well they cleaned your dishes even just a few years ago. With all of the new technology, it may seem that there is not much maintenance needed to make sure your brand new dishwasher keeps up with all of the dishes you load into it each week. Of course, we all wish that appliances could be completely maintenance free, but unless you want to constantly buy new appliances that is just not the case and eventually you’ll have to call us for our dishwasher repair services. Here we have listed some simple LG dishwasher maintenance tips to help you make sure your current dishwasher lasts for many more years to come.

Keep Your LG Dishwasher Clean with Vinegar

First on the list of LG dishwasher maintenance tips is to keep all parts of your dishwasher clean. From the outside of your dishwasher to the many parts inside, a clean dishwasher is the best way to ensure the dirty dishes you put into the dishwasher come out sparkling clean. A simple way to get the inside of your dishwasher clean without the use of chemicals is to try a vinegar water solution. Just spray the solution onto the inside of the walls and the door, as well as the floor of the dishwasher, then wipe clean.

Another great use for vinegar that is one of many simple LG dishwasher maintenance tips is to use it as a rinse agent in your dishwasher. It is a much cheaper option and many people claim that it works just as well. You should also pay close attention to what type of detergent you are using in your dishwasher. Many manufacturers express that you may get better results from using a powdered detergent rather than a gel or liquid. Another option is to buy the small pods of detergent that are premeasured. This will help you out if you find you are using too much detergent for each load.

Are Your Dishes Dishwasher Safe?

As far as simple LG dishwasher maintenance tips, this one is handy for anyone who isn’t sure just what they should be putting into the dishwasher. All you need to do is pay attention to the label on the container, dish or glass. Most glass and ceramic is dishwasher safe as long as it is not hand painted. Plastic is another story. You really can’t tell which ones will be dishwasher safe without looking at the packaging or the bottom of the container.

So once you have them sorted by what dishes can go into the dishwasher and what cannot, how do you properly load a dishwasher? The simple answer is to first make sure if your dish says it is only top rack safe make sure it is on the top rack. Often because large dishes do not fit on the top, they go best on the bottom rack. Just be sure that you don’t place them in the dishwasher in such a way that they block the water spray from reaching other dishes, particularly those on the top rack. And that was the last of the LG dishwasher maintenance tips.